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A date with Polish woman

If there is ask for dating with Polish women, there are questions that appear along with it. How to behave on the date with Polish girl and what to say and what is better not to ask. What to do if you have got the First Date with Polish girl and so on. There might be many questions that man is interested before he goes for Polish date and here some Polish Dating tips that are going to help you.

– Of course, never date more than one Polish girl. If she would find out that, all the relationships are going to be broken. This tip is also useful not only considering Polish girls, but most of the girls of the World.

– Polish girls are beautiful, but demanding and of course they are not perfect, that’s why do not expect something completely unreal from her and your dates as the reality might me more disappointing than expectations.

– With Polish girl never split the vacation to have rest from your partner, to be without her for some time, of course, if you want to have serious relations. She’d never understand and forgive if you decide to spend weekend or the whole holiday without her presence. If you like her or love her, you have to be happy with her every moment as she is with you, that’s what she thinks. Surely, it is not going about you can’t go out with your boy friends in purely masculine company sometimes, but more about long term vacations.

– If you are arguing with your Polish girlfriend, try to come down first, because usually both are to blame in this situation. I would not advice to apologize first all the time, because it might show your weakness, especially if it is not your fault and you are sorry first, but in some minor cases you may use one trick as apologize with kiss. Just stay close to her and kiss your Polish girl unexpectively and quick. Usually it woks great and she will be smiling in a second. Probably you are going to have some hot time after. This is only works if you are dating for long time and if the cause of fight was not to serious.

– Polish women are intelligent, rational and know how to make their day, but that does not mean they like to party all the time. If she decided to have rest and party, it is a great time you’ll have with her, but if there is time for serious things, let her do them. Also your Polish girlfriend might not like visiting clubs, disco and cinema every weekend. Make the things more interesting to her as you are her man. Propose to do different activities like bike rides, cooking, hiking, grill at home, visiting different places or countries during weekend and much more what fantasy allows you. She’d appriciate that subconcsiously and you will be interesting person to spend time with that is good ground for strong future relations.

– Polish girls like when man is self-confident, knows how hot rule the situation, especially the tough ones. But they do not like overconfident guys who think of themselves as of the center of the universe.

– Forget thinking only of a material aspect if you do so. Your Polish girl likes to visit reastaurant with you but even more she might like to have a talk while nice quiet walk in the park, feeding pidgeons or sitting and watching how the river flows. Think widely.

– Be ready to go for a compromise in some hard situations and especially if you both got strong caracters. Try to talk about the issue and here you could find the key to solve the problem.

– There is some stereotype that Polish girls are easy, but this is wrong. According to that you could be ashamed of your girlfriend in front of your friends. Never do so and feel like that, otherwise she’ll understand it and that is going to be the end. Polish women are smart and intelligent, except for their beauty and such a girl could easily be a “soul of the company” among your friends. She knows a lot about the world and a lot of intresting stuff. She is interesting person to talk about different topics. Be proud of your Polish girls and within the time you see some of your friends might envy you. And remember that people who surround you very often feel your mood even if you are quiet.

– Polish women do not like when man is bragging. This could be a problem if you act in such a way and already got used to that. Be more modest and rather do than show or talk.

– Make her small pleasures like flower present. Do it spontanously, so she does not expect and not on purpose and you will have such bonuses you never expected of.

– If you live in one house, she would really appreciate if you help her cleaning the house, doing dishes. If you live separately and you are visiting her place, propose to make dinner together. Bring her coffee to bed more often, but not too often, balance and you’ll be rewarded.

– Do not make the things go boring or turning into a harsh daily routine. Be more active, from time to time proposing outdoor activities, even a forest walk is great.

– Man is responcible for hi-tech things like taking camera, turning on GPS, taking pictures if she asks, so do not forget of that if your girlfriend is Polish.

– If you Polish girlfriend has driving licence and drives good, let her drive a car from time to time, especially when she wants it, that would something she really appreciates and feels full of emotions.

– Be ready to be personal psycologist to your Polish girlfriend. When she’s having problems, give her good advice, ask to tell about that. Be helpfull and even if she is yelling at the time, she’d appreciate your efforts deeply within some short period of time. Don’t forget to share your problems from time to time. Polish woman is great advisor and she surely will find the best way out for you.

– If you are dating Polish girl, pay your attention to her only and nobody else. Do not be pushy, even concerning a French kiss. Give her some space and in a few dates she will surprise you.

– For no reason bring your girlfiend flowers. Esp. her favourite ones. (Didn’t found out yet? wow… shame on you)

– If she likes pets, buy her one for holiday, but be sure she has time to take care of him.

– Get dressed stylish. It does not mean you have to follow the last trends and buy the most expensive clothes. Polish women like when man is good dressed, looks nice. Do not wear some old grows clothes like you don’t care, it may disattract you in her eyes. Dress up diffently according to the situation, but if you are going to the first date with Polish girl, pay attention to your appearance.

– In any case do not make fun on her family members. Polish girls are usually religious and connected to their family. They respect family and your inappropriate joke sometimes could cause the end of your relationships.

– Do not make fun on her accent or if she has some problems with foreign to her language. Explain her what is wrong and be careful teacher. She’ll appreciate that and also it could be the next step to bring you closer to each other.

– If she introduced you to her friends, behave in appropriate way having good manners so she would not feel discomfort of even ashamed of you.

– Be patient about music preferences or TV shows. Your partner might not like it. It also has to deal with music in the car, so try to find a compromise.

– Pay attention to your appearance and if you used to live alone and now share appartment with your Polish girlfriend, do not forget to change smelly socks.

– If you started to date Polish girl, make sure you have enough time for her, otherwise she’ll be bored and that may cause the end of relationships. If you live together, do not feel like you have reached the goal and it can make you feel careless of her. If you change her to TV or computer, finish will be soon.

– Do not overconcentrate on sex. If your Polish girlfriend needs time, give that time to her. After she see you are serious about her, the next step will come and you won’t regret.

– Polish girls hate the guys who like bragging. Better make action to show her you are the man.

– Always remember about Valentines Day. Never ever forget of her Birthday. Even if she says she does not care, she does. And if you forget, she’d always remind you of it when there is high time.

– If she invited you to her parents, behave with good manners. Never speak about politics or religion, because this often cause serious arguing and problems. Neutral topics are better.

Good luck at the Polish Date! Have a great time, use our tips and appreciate your Polish princes!