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Are Polish women eager to marry American men?

There are many Poles in UK and Ireland, as it is EU and wages are high there, Polish people go to work there and as the result many get married to UK citizens. But what about USA and are there many Polish women who would like to marry American man? Life in Poland is not bad and if some woman from Poland would like to move to some “better” country, she could go to Germany, France or Sweden, why she has to fly overseas to the USA? By the way, many EU countries have free medical care and allow to study at the Universities for free, unlike in the US. But still, not as much as to EU countries, but some Polish girls are coming to the US.

The reasons they visit US are different, it might be work or study. Some Polish girls stay in US and get married there if they found their destiny man. Do Polish girls have strong desire to marry western guys? I would rather say no. If some American guy thinks he will find Polish girl, wave his wallet and she is his girl or wife forever, it is complete absence of truth and logic. Girls from Poland earn pretty good money in Poland, as it is developed EU country. Most of Polish girls are getting married if they love a person and some other factors like money or citizenship are not important to them. Polish girls are pretty (and they know about that very well), intelligent and able to earn good money themselves. So, if you are interested in girlfriend from Poland, first of all you have to be interesting to her. For now I think you have found answer to the question “Do Polish girls want to marry Americans?” They do, only if they love particular American man, because of his unique personality, attitude to woman, sense of humor and many other factors.

Polish girl got used to foreigners who are willing to go dating Polish. This attention is showed, when German or British guys visit Krakow or Warsaw on weekends to find a girl for dating. You must understand that dating with person of other nationality is complicated not only because of language barrier, but because of cultural differences; and, for example, because of that many British/Irish-Polish families are divorced.

One of many reasons, beside beauty, why do American man like Polish girls is slight cultural difference, just enough to intrigue to have further relations. Polish girl for American guy is unique person, with somewhat different attitude to life and to man as he got used to in America. If the difference between cultures is huge, such relations are not possible or will last for short period of time. But Polish and American relations and dating are highly possible and this is proved by numerous examples. Very often Polish women who want to come to America do not mind to find fiancé there. They aim to earn money in the US and come back home. If such girl someday decides to get married, she would choose man from Poland as it is easier to understand him, there are no cultural differences, language barrier and, most likely, he visits the same church she does. The only chance American guy have to conquer such a girl is to get her interested in himself. And how to do that is up to you. Just be remember always to be yourself and if she likes you for what you are, it is the shortest way to marry her in the future.

There is a stereotype that Eastern girls, including Polish girls are dreaming of marrying a western guy to escape to the West. I would say it is not true with Polish girls. They are happy to live in EU and if you are American guy who felt in love with girl from Poland and do not realize your life without her, be ready she would ask you to move to Poland for permanent living. If you have some bed, again, stereotypes about Poland, forget them. Poland is well developed EU country, not much different in style of life you got used to in America. Polish girls is something special to you, as she is foreigner and so, exotic. The same with you, as for her you are special, because you are foreigner and she might be interested to talk to you or even to go for a date with you only because in is something new and interesting to her. But do not miss such a chance if you have, I’m sure you will like it. Remember, Polish girl is interested in you as in a new unexplored before personality, but is not interested in your wallet, as many Americans think.

How are Polish women different from American? In most cases Polish girls are much prettier. I do not want to offend American girls, but Polish women are all like models. The prettiest American woman you see on the TV will look worse than average woman in Polish street. Polish women have Slavic genes and therefore are very beautiful. Besides being pretty, they use proper make up and dress up very stylish. On the contrary, many American women do not care how they look like, wear ugly clothes, do not go to the gym, eat a lot of fast-food garbage, get health problems and look obese. Woman has to awake desire in every man and if she does not look like a real woman, sexy, pretty, what desire we can talk about? This is cautious, because such attitude would lead to slow but sure disappearance of American nation. Women in America are very emancipated and feministic. Polish women like when men respect them, but if a man is her husband, she would let him to rule the family. She will support her man and help him to achieve good results in every business he does. American woman, if her husband failed, would say he is weak looser and would leave him. Polish woman likes to be at home, with her family. Very often children are the point of life to her. American woman might not be eager to have children at all. Not all, but many Polish women are religious and because of that moral, would not go to bed with man even on the fifth date. Of course, in every society there are exceptions and every person is unique, but here we are talking about generalized things.