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Be aware of scam when looking for wife from Poland on the Internet

Who are scammers, what is their aim and what they have to do in common with romantic feelings, love and sincere efforts of foreign men to find family happiness with Polish women? This question became urgent topic nowadays not only because of eternal endeavor of dishonest people speculate on desires of others, but also due to enormous growth of interest towards Polish women from the side of foreign man. How to explain this issue using more simple and casual language? If you really want something you forget about security, because it seems it is so close – almost in your hands and… bang – you got hit by scammer because you have lost concentration just for a moment on the in anticipation of euphoria from possible happiness, but that was enough to fool you, even if sum of money was not that big. Scammers usually are very inventive and even a dollar from you and one thousand of people like you make $1000. You know how mouse feels the smell of cheese in a trap and can not resist possibility to taste the cheese, forgetting about security and ignoring self-preservation reflex? The same happens with men on dating websites, who under special balance of hormones and called by this range of emotions forget about common sense and become light victims on the hook of the Internet thief.

What scammers have common with exactly Polish women for marriage. The phrase “Polish woman for marriage” or “How foreigner could get married with woman from Poland” become more and more popular search trend which means real men from rich Western countries who are willing to find woman from Poland for marriage (and are ok with paying money for assistance) attracts wanting easy money scammers, who want either to earn on services which are completely different from presented and described by them or most often would like just to steal money of trusty and often little naïve foreigners. The reason why, for example, Americans are often becoming victims of dating swindlers lies in the psychology and cultural level of the country and its people. American got used that to get something you have to pay, but if you made transaction you get what you paid for because you are protected by American law (or you will get refund if service is not like you have expected). Getting used to such flow of things for the whole life average American who sees offers of marriage agencies choose to pay for service with no worries assuming he is still protected by law, but scammers register their sites in different hard to identify countries and sell non-existent services and often it is impossible to bring your money back. That is why you have to be attentive when looking for Polish wife on the Internet.

What actions will save you from scammers online?

Be attentive to the websites you visit. First what catches the eye is the quality of website. Usually scammers do not pay attention to the quality of website and convenience for the visitor as they want to reduce costs of website making and website maintenance. As for maintenance reducing costs scammers often choose free hosting websites because their services are free and what is more important – you can register fake account under faked name and other info and no one would know whom the site belongs to. So, if you have found some suspicious services you can check whether website is hosted on free web hosting. To check this look at the domain name, if it is something like NAME-OF-THE-SITE.SOMETHINGELSE.DATE where always remains the same and instead of name-of –the-site could be different name then it might be suspicious site. The only exclusion are websites which have subdomains on related topics, but which have better to be like a separate sites.

If you think website is suspicious check the domain whether it is hosted on free hosting and if yes – better omit it. What else? Websites of scammers usually have very bright and vivid ads with calls for action, like clicking the button or something like that and also such sites usually are not informative, have poor design and not live for long. Such sites are created quickly and then disappear the same quickly as they appeared, and in their turn new sites are made and so on.

What else to know about scammers? Choose websites and services which are giving information on understandable for you language. If it is the case about Poland, respected website except for Polish language would also have at least English version, where English language is on high level. Many trusted marriage websites and agencies have multiple language choice because they have affiliates in different countries. Actually, using some trusted International Marriage Agency, its Polish Branch, is not a bad way out to omit acquaintance with scammers on the Internet. Necessarily check whether website has clear contact information with physical address. Check additional information like do they have groups in social networks as good descent agency would surely have groups in most popular social networks. Such groups are good source to get information about agency, see comments of customers, maybe some pics which demonstrate former or present clients of the agency and also it is a chance for you to ask real people questions which are essential to you.

Good hint if the agency you have chosen has marriage or dating matchmaking application. App should have many downloads and many good comments. Actually, own app is must have nowadays for respected agency as apps gain more popularity then websites, because now we are living in the age of smartphones and new edge devices and it all makes us make handy choice (phone is always with you). App will also help you to be in quick contact if you will start communication with possible Polish wife.

In order not to become victim of scammers when using marriage services and asking agencies for assistance you have to be attentive and control your emotions. Here helps well the rule called “do it tomorrow morning”. If you want to pay money for some service nothing would change a lot if you make a payment tomorrow morning. Believe me, your honey (if she is your fate) will not escape from you, but instead you will be free from unneeded excitement and emotions when making a choice and it would help you a lot in evaluating situation with sober and clear thoughts.