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Best golden qualities of Polish women

The so-called romantic tours to Poland are very popular and so foreign men from other countries turn to marriage agencies and waste a lot of money to find his wife in Poland.

What caused such popularity of Polish women and what are the best characteristics of Polish women? We describe only the main characteristics of Polish girls gathered on observations of foreigners. Interesting fact, that Polish men do not usually pay attention to those features.

1. Polish women are recognized as one of the most beautiful women in the world, and this is not surprising. So many beautiful women per square meter could hardly be found anywhere else in the world. They are also sensual, emotional and passionate. Possess the full range of women’s feelings from love, affection, support and sympathy to jealousy, resentment and misunderstanding.

2. The desire to be loved. This is the dream of most women in the world and Polish women are no exception. They dream to marry a good man and create a happy family. Home comfort, good reliable husband, willing to rise up children are basic qualities of Polish women.

3. Respect for religion and their families. In Poland traditions traditions of generations and parents are valued.

4. Polish woman are thrifty, cook a variety of dishes, including national dishes, keep the house clean. Support family life and do so not because they “should”, but because they love it.

5. Polish women love to dance and sing and mostly are very talented in general. Have a wonderful sense of humor, it’s easy to communicate with them. They are also naturally wise and able to cope with serious problems, get out of sticky situations. The qualities that helped Polish women to survive for centuries. Polish girls have a high level of intelligence. After the University graduation they work as programmers, designers, translators, teachers.

6. Love to work is inherent in Polish women. Beautiful and hardworking, that is how those women could be best described. Some women have more than just one job, in order to make money for herself and family, while remaining gentle loving wife at the same time.

Those are key factors, why are they so popular and so needed today. Such woman type will always find those man who going crazy of them, because it is something that had built our society long time ago. Even if we see the times are changing, genuine woman would always be needed dramatically, by every man and by Mother Earth.