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Interracial Dating With Woman From Poland: Is It Possible?


I live in Poland for more than two years and answering this question I will give my own observations and my personal opinion. My point of view is based on what I have actually seen in Poland, what I observed on my own eyes. This is due to the fact that my work involves high level intensive social communication and demands interaction with male and female representatives of Rzeczpospolita. Besides work, I have many colleagues and friends in Poland and facts given here in great part would be representation of local people opinion. Yes, this opinion could be rather subjective and personal, but I guess it is better to hear what 5 Polish men or women say rather than draw some generalized conclusions based on widespread stereotypes. So, let’s move on.

Black man and Polish woman couples

I’m going to start with my observations. Working in a public place every day I meet mixed couples where the girl is from Poland and the guy is from overseas. In most cases those couples are of Indo-Europeans i.e. Polish woman and German guy or Polish woman and white American guy. But you are interested whether Interracial dating with girl from Poland is possible, and remembering that I will continue telling about my observations. In Poland I saw couples where black male was a husband of Polish woman, more of that – they had common kids and seemed to be pretty happy people, however, I am not sure whether they live in Poland for permanent stay or came to visit wife’s Motherland and relatives.

Only personal qualities count

There are thoughts that Polish women rather often choose for husband foreigners from the U.K. or Germany. This is true only due to the fact that many Polish women went abroad to these countries in terms of labor migration and their marriages are vivid facts due to socialization with local people, but it was never made on purpose that Polish women choose foreigners according to the nationality. I have proofs of these lines. Few years ago I was talking to 3 Polish girls in a café and asked whether nationality matters for them if they would like to build long term relationships. The answer was negative, they said only the person and its personal qualities count and it does not matter whether the guy is from Ukraine of from the United Kingdom – he has to be interesting to Polish girl, attentive and caring.

Labor immigrants and possibility to create couple with Polish woman

I have one more proof to these words that Polish women do not choose guys according to the nationality, but only the person counts. A friend of mine is from Ukraine and he works in Poland. His wife is girl from Poland whom he met at the factory they both were working at. Although there are debates in Poland due to the enormous quantity of Ukrainians in Poland and according to complicated historical issues of both nations, this couple managed to put love overall. They seem to be really happy together. She got to know that in Ukraine he was a school teacher, but in Poland he does simple job, because it was easy to find this job and salary he gets for simple physical work in Poland is way higher that his teacher’s salary in Ukraine. He still keeps efforts to find the job he likes in Poland. She was surprised by his intelligence, how great hobbies he has and she feels great to exchange multicultural heritage in their family.


At the same time I was talking to a friend of mine who is Polish football fan. He told they do not tolerate people of other nations, especially from Africa and Arab countries. This is opinion of one Polish guy, but it was very clearly stated. However, it does not mean Polish women have the same opinion, but it would be natural if some still would.

Asian couples in Poland

As for Polish woman and Asian guy couples – I have never observed something like this in Poland, but on the contrary – I have seen couples where the husband was from Poland and wife obviously was from some Asian country, maybe Vietnam or Thailand, I am not sure.


In general Polish people value purity of the nation and are opposed to expansion of migrants from other countries. Polish people have been working and living abroad and they clearly see which problems some Western countries have with some immigrants and it is natural they don’t want the same to happen in their own country. That is why you can sometimes observe not very tolerant attitude. However, in general Poland is very welcoming and hospitable country where you feel very comfortable to live in. Love and relationships is very personal thing in every case and you rather have to act according to particular situation, rather than looking for general keys to the heart of Polish woman, because there is no recipe. Yes, maybe it will disappoint you, but you have to find the path yourself, because every single case is different.

Bad news

There is no particular answer whether Polish girls are ready to start dating with the guy of another race.

Good news

You still have chances. What if the answer would be “No, Polish girls never date guys of another race”. Would it stop you? Maybe it would demotivate you? Maybe it would make you fight harder for your own happiness?


Act, damn it! Stop reading too much. Getting slight kick with motivative info is already enough to start. Nothing more. No one knows better than you know it yourself.  If you like the girl, show her your appreciation. Act like a real man and only then you will find out do you still have chances or your chances with Polish girl are close to zero.